Recruiting your people: what’s the experience?

Posted on: 29 Mar 2016

points of pain

Prickly experienceWhat’s your organisation’s approach to recruitment? A good overall experience the aim but it’s a bit hit and miss; a tad prickly for some and ok for others?

Do people submit their CV via a website uploader and hope that their cover letter and CV make it through the HR algorithms to land on the right desk, for the right set of eyes? Do you issue a standard form email reply and then forget about them until the submission deadline has passed? Or worse, does your job ad stipulate that you will only respond to candidates who made it through the first cull? Engage them through an agency more interested in fees than fit?

More and more, prospective employees are critiquing the organisations they’d like to work for based on their research into your recruitment experience.  And in many cases, it’s pretty poor. People figure that if you don’t have time for a more humane engagement with your prospective staff members then that must reflect the way your organisation also treats and views its customers – a major inconvenience in the daily grind that is work.

Time to wake up. Organisations that treat their staff well financially AND socially, outperform those that don’t.  Recent research shows that a 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year.  Why? Happier, more engaged staff like coming to work and work hard to achieve organisational goals.  It’s therefore highly likely that those same engaged employees are working hard to deliver exceptional customer experiences – all of which have a significant bottom line impact: better staff retention rates, increased revenue, plus reduced churn and longer customer loyalty – happier people all round.

We need to recognise we are no longer in the B2C or B2B business. We no longer just sell products. We are in the People to People (P2P) era where the experiences you deliver to your staff, and to your customers, count just as much as the products or services you sell.

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